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Lamella Inclined Tube Sedimentation Tank


Product origin : CHINA

Delivery time : 30 DAYS

Supply capacity : 500 SETS/YEAR

Lamella clarifier inclined tube sedimentation tank


Tube settler produced by our company uses inclined tube in sedimentation tank. Assembling form: inclined tube and branch pipe. In the horizontal or vertical settler, through inclined pipe or pipe system, it can form shallow settling layer. The handled sluge and settled sludge will move and be separated in different settling layers. Based on its motion direction, we can devide into contra-flow, co-current flow, sideward flow.

Application area

Inclined tube settler can be used not only as DAF supporting equipment but also as single clarifier handling several sewage.

(1) electroplating effluent including metal ions

(2) Wastewater in coal mine, reduce the turbidity from 500-1500 mg/L to 50 mg/L

(3) Wastewater in printing and dyeing industry, chroma removal rate 70-90%, COD removal rate 50-70%

(4) Wastewater in tannery and food industry, COD removal rate 50-80%, impurity and solid removal rate >90%

(5) Chemical wastewater, COD removal rate 60-70%, chroma removal rate 60-90%, suspended solids meet the relevant discharge standard

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