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machinery effluence treatment by dissolved air flotation

Brand : gongyuan

Product origin : wuxi,china

Delivery time : within 30days after confirmation

Supply capacity : 500sets/year

Dissolved air flotation equipment is liquid/solid or liquid/liquid separation process to remove tiny suspended solids that density close to the water, colloid ,oil and grease etc. Gongyuan dissolved air flotation equipment is a high efficiency combined dissolved air flotation and modern technology.

Air floatation is usually used for pretreatment and post-treatment of wastewater treatment in mechanical plants.


1) use the principle of jet inspiration.Under medium pressure, air can be dissolved into water to the maximum extent in the shortest time through the movement of water flow to form super-saturated dissolved air water

2) medium pressure operation, the dissolved gas efficiency is above 90%, and the release rate is as high as 99%.

3). Effective absorption of micro air bubbles and suspended particles to improve SS removal effect.

4). The pressure capacity curve is smooth, easy to achieve automatic control, easy to operate, convenient to maintain and low noise.

5). Customized design to meet variable demands.

Working principle:

Air is sent to the empty tank by air compressor, and then to the empty tank by the jet flow device. Under pressure of 0.4mpa, air is forced to dissolve into water to form dissolved air water, which is then sent to the air flotation tank.In the case of sudden release, air dissolves in the water and precipitates, forming a large number of micro groups, which will fully contact the suspended matter of flocculated sewage. After the suspended matter is pumped, flocculated and doped, the ascending micro group will absorb the suspended matter of flocculated, reduce its density and float to the surface, so as to achieve the purpose of removing SS and COD, etc

Company Info

Pragmatic, innovative Gongyuan Group will continuously apply decade's rich experience into various types of conventional or sophisticated water treatment projects flexibly.The group is composed by Wuxi Gongyuan Environmental Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd, Wuxi Gongyuan Machinery Co., Ltd and Wuxi Gongyuan Automation Technology Co., Ltd. It has set up an advanced water treatment craft lab and Environmental Innovation Centre with Jiangnan University, Changzhou University and Chinese Academy of Sciences to make renovation and provide total support solution for former and new clients. The successful achievements for Petro China, Sinopec, CNOOC, startlake Group, Topfond Pharmaceutical Group, Wahaha Group, Yili Industrial Group, Qingmao Textile Corporation, Zhejiang Yinan Printing Corporation, Jinyu Textile Corporation, Tjoy Group, Kubota Corporation, PAQUES, Bluestar Group, Sujin Gas Group, Chia Tai Group ect. They witness our reputation and good identity by the designed and manufactured Dissolved Air Flotation with many patents.

We are looking forward to further innovative DAF products and service on global enviromental treatment solution.


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