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MRD series System Rotating Decanter


Product origin : China

Delivery time : 10 DAYS

Supply capacity : 500 SETS/YEAR

MRD Series System Rotating Decanter

Main technical data


ItemTreatment capacity(m³/h)Depth(m)Length of effluent weir(m)Outfall sewer diameter(mm)Driver power(kw)
MRD1500150012600(Double outlet)1.1
MRD1750175014.5600(Double outlet)1.1
MRD2000200016700(Double outlet)1.1
MRD2500250020700(Double outlet)1.1
MRD3000300024800(Double outlet)1.5

Application and structure

MRD207 Type rotary decanter is SBR process orSequencing Batch Reactor Activated Sludge Process which is a type of key equipment for wastewater treatment. It is used for removing sedimentated supernatant in SBR tank. Decanter is combined of frame, drive mechanism, lifting mechanism, horizontal connecting rod, vertical connecting rod, floating bowl& slagging dam, decantingweir& drainage channel, main outlet pipe(include underwater board bearing, rotary sleeve ), limiting mechanism and electric control system( for this project, control system should be prepared by customer). 

Working principle and process

In the aeration and sedimentation stage, decanteris located above the highest place (initial place) When it starts to decanting, the drive mechanism with lifting machanism will move down in straight line. Then the hinge four-bar linkage will start to swing. The decanter will swing around the spindle center, approaching the water surface quickly. At this time, the float bowl will enter into the water surface at first. Due to the buoyancy, the float bowl will float up from the water surface and pull up the scum in front of the decanter. In addition to the function of slag baffle lined with float bowl, it will form the no-slag outlet area. The floating float bowl can adjust the weir distance automatically. When the effluent weir reaches on the water surface, the supernatant will flow into the effluent weir from the float bowl slowly. Then it starts to drain off water. At the same time, the float bowl which have reached the water level will send the signal. The inverter will adjsut the speed automatically making the descent speed convert to given decanting speed. The liquid flowed calmly into the effluent weir in steamline. The water yield will keep the same, which will not influence the supernatant. When the effluent weir reaches the rated lowest water level, the time relay will move and the decanter will return to the initial position. Once touched the upper limit, the decanter will stop and located on the upper limit, finishing one operating period. When the decanter exceed the upper and low provision location, the limit switch will move and cut up the decanter motion.The total process can be controlled by the central control room with remote control (we suggest that the users’ control cabinet can have electrical independent contact ) Or the site control cabinet can use manual control or automatic control .


Tansportation and dischargeThe decanter will be fixed on the transportation frame. The underwater plate bearing and frame will be packaged with plastic film and then put into the container. The drive mechanism, lifting mechanism, spare parts, standard parts and limit switch, float bowl and etc will be put into a closed wooden case or carton. There should be a crane in the worksite. (in consideration of the lifting distance, the general lifting capacity should more than 16ton) The crane should have necessary lifting height and work radius for lifting the decanter. At no time, we should aviod the stainless steel parts of decanter touching the carbon steel tools or catena. For the discharged decanter, it should be put on the smooth ground. And the flanges are unable to bear the external force. For the wooden cases or cartons  having the spare parts should be put into the dry and safe room.

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