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Four stages features of DAF technology

Four stages features of DAF technology

            Four stages features of DAF technology 

    Although DAF technology is a conventional sewage treatment process. But it is still used today, which says that it still has effective function. The DAF technology can be divided into four parts, dissolving, releasing, contact and separation between dissolved air water and sewage, sewage quality adjustment.

    The first stage is dissolving. Normally we will use jet eductor and filler. The former one has the advantages of no-blocking and small structure. So the dissolving efficiency has nothing to do with the dissolved air tank size. In general, the dissolved air tank will be small. But the defect is obvious. The working efficiency of jet eductor is not high. 

   The filled dissolving, by contrast, has the high efficiency. But the tank will be larger and more complicated than jet eductor. In addition, the pump dissolving is the common one in the domestic market

The next process is releasing. According the different sewage quality, we should choose the different releasers. From the DAF effects, most releaser will get the similar releasing effects. For the releasing efficiency and particle size, we will check by visual inpection.

   Then the final process is contact and separation between dissolved air water and sewage. The key point of the process is sand filter backwash, coordination between sand filter and DAF. While the Cavitation air flotation has obvious advantages and disadvantage. The advantage is lower energy consumption. But the disadvantage is that the bubbles should be contact with large floc. 

   After completing it, the DAF technology can flow into the sewage water quality adjustment. We need some chemicals. Under push of the technology, high polymer agent appears, which promotes the DAF technology progress.

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